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Big Bands & Swing

Big Bands: Fast Facts*

The Swing Era*
Swing: The Music*
Songs During a Time of War*
Frank Sinatra: A Musical Sensation*
Importance of the Radio*
Big Bands: Fast Facts*
Well-Known Musical Artists*
Works Consulted

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*Factors that were thought to contribute to the success of big bands:
1) Musical style of the band,
2) Singers,
3) The ability of musicans to read and improvise music,
4) A responsible leader,
6) The cooperation of all members,
7) Technical ability on an instrument,
8) Familiarty with music theory.
*Instruments of a Big Band:
Saxophones who made up the woodwind section.
Trumpets and trombones who made up the brass section.
Piano, brass, drums, and guitar who made up the rhythm section.



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