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Big Bands & Swing

Frank Sinatra: A Musical Sensation*

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Frank Sinatra: A Musical Sensation*
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During World War II, Frank Sinatra was one of the most well-known music individuals for his exceptional talent and wide appeal.

*Frank (Francis) Albert Sinatra was born in 1915.

*An American Italian singer, actor and entertainer.

*Born in New Jersey and was an only child.

*In high school, he was very interested in the athletic programs. He not only participated but also wrote reports on the sports teams in the school newspaper.

*Began to perform as a teen as a singing waiter.

*In the late 1930s and 1into the 1940s he performed with Big Bands of Tommy and James Dorsey.

*Those artists he idolized were Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday.

*In the late 1940s, he pursued a solo career and was really the first big hit to interest teenage girls (bobby-soxers) with his unbelievable talent.

*He appeared in several musical films during the 1940s and even more in the following years as his career continued to skyrocket.

*During the 1950s, he worked with many arrangers to record multiple albums.

*He briefly retired and then returned to his musical profession.

*He received Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, a Congressional Gold Medal as well as Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Portrait of Frank Sinatra
*CLICK on above portrait to hear Sinatra's hit song "It's Time for You". (Scroll to MP3 Download)

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